Letter to Minister Baird – Please support United Nations General Assembly Resolution L46

1 November 2012

2249 Carling Ave, Suite 418
Ottawa, Ontario
K2B 7E9

Dear Minister Baird,

It is rare that there is good news on the international front. We are bombarded with news of violence, rape, refugees, killings and maiming, threats and fear.

And while the horrific suffering of civilian populations assaulted by bombings, gunfire, personal attacks, cluster bombs, drones, depleted uranium weapons, anti-personnel mines, and more catches our attention, and while women and children face sexual attacks as a weapon of war, there is always in the background, the underlying fear of even greater devastation—the threat to our beautiful world and all the living creatures in it by nuclear weapons.

That is why we are so happy to hear of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution L46 put forward by 34 countries, as well as the Observer State Holy See.

This resolution shows that there is a hunger in the world for an end to the threat of nuclear weapons.

The resolution stresses that the usefulness of nuclear weapons for security has been rightfully questioned, and that catastrophic and irreversible damage to human life and health and the ability of our world to sustain human life would ensue if a nuclear weapon or weapons were deployed.

We are gratified that Resolution L46 stresses that the use of nuclear weapons would clearly contravene international humanitarian law regarding the prohibitions of causing unnecessary human suffering and far-reaching damage to the environment.

The Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace fully supports the United Nations General Assembly Resolution L46, and we urge you to commit Canada to voting for this measure.


Sandy Greenberg, Betty Peterson, Joan Hicks, Caroline Green, Sarah Morgan

Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace

Contact Minister Baird, and encourage him to support Resolution L46 at:

Tel: 613-990-7720

Email: bairdj@parl.gc.ca