About Us

VOW (the Voice of Women) works locally, nationally, and internationally on issues related to peace, social justice, human rights, and development with the mandate to promote the full inclusion of women in decision-making at all levels of society. NSVOW (The Nova Scotia Voice of Women) is a local chapter of the Canadian VOW.

What we do:

  • Peace Education
  • Peace Advocacy
  • White Poppy Campaign
  • Monthly Vigils
  • Networking

VOW has demonstrated against military actions, supported women living in regions of conflict, and attended UN Conferences.

Read A Walk Down Memory Lane written by former NSVOW members Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson. You may also be interested in Frances Early’s essay “A Grandly Subversive Time: The Halifax Branch of the Voice of Women in the 1960’s.” published in Mothers of the Municipality: Women, Work, and Social Policy in Post-1945 Halifax, eds. Judith Fingard and Janet Guildford.

Peace Magazine - Muriel Duckworth
Article in Peace Magazine 1988 by Marion Kerans

Since their first meeting in Muriel’s livingroom in the 1960s, Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace have been positive and vocal advocates for change.

Today, VOW works toward peace education by supporting public screenings of films, a monthly peace vigil, and organizing speaker series. We advocate for peace through peaceful demonstrations, letter writing campaigns, street theatre, and an Annual HRM Peace Day. Nova Scotia VOW women direct some of their activities towards specific goals.

The women of NSVOW see a connection between peace, social justice, and respect for our environment. To bring this connection to life, we actively network with other organizations, such as: Nova Scotian Environmental Network, Raging Grannies, Dalhousie’s Women’s Centre, Physicians for Global Survival, Oxfam, THANS, SMU Women’s Centre, and others.

If you or your organization are interested in working with NSVOW, please contact us. We welcome your ideas, your energy, and your enthusiasm.